One of the happiest moments you experience is being in a relationship. The person lives in the most beautiful space when they are in a relationship, and these memories last life long. Their memories of visiting new and romantic places, their talks, and care for each other make them feel special for each other. But when time passes, they feel that they are losing the spark in the relationship. Couples in this stage become anxious and depresses. They try to take every possible step to save their relationship and they unknowingly start hurting each other.

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To save their relationship, they should following steps:

1. Let go a little

When you feel lost in a relationship, it would be because of your eagerness to spend time with each other, and so you need to take baby steps when you are in a relationship. Rushing things can make you freak out and tend to make mistakes. You may have to go slower to know each other’s hobbies, likes, dislikes, and give respect and personal space that your partner needs.

2. Stop playing games

Many couples mess their relationship as they choose the wrong path of winning over love which is wrong. One should not be manipulative and should act calm, keep yourself true and trustworthy so that your partner will eventually develop an interest in you. Please do not play games and mislead your partner and make them feel cheated.

3. Respect your partner wishes

Respecting your partner’s wishes is one of the important aspects of a healthy relationship. You don’t need to fulfil all their wishes, but you should appreciate it, and you should not make fun of it.

4. Set boundaries.

One should clear it with his/ her partner and tell to what extent you can interfere in their life. Make the things clear in the beginning so that your relationship stays healthy.

This should be explained calmly and made it completely understandable to your partner.

5. Make up for past sins.

One should be apologetic to the partner if you have done any wrong thing in the past or cheated on your partner; this would not clear out everything but may help you to regain trust.

Following the above steps may work in a relationship. These steps are essential to have a better relationship.

Even if you face any trauma, issue, or any problem in your relationship, get in touch with a therapist.

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